We, Innovin, are an ecosystem of science, technology, education, business and community, committed to providing top quality products and services in Vietnam and worldwide. We work to promote the values ​​of technological and social innovation, entrepreneurship and sustainable development in Vietnam and globally.


“A heart of Vietnam, a vision of the world”

With the aspiration to build a powerful country based on the national spirit forged through more than 4,000 years of history and the innovative entrepreneurial spirit of the industrial revolution 4.0, Innovin strives to become a leading organization in science, technology, education, business and community in Vietnam; successfully research, manufacture and distribute a chain of world-class science – technology – education products and services together with the sustainable development of the country’s economy.


“Innovate Vietnam”

Core values 

Innovation – Health – Environment – Entrepreneurship

Products and services

The Innovin ecosystem has a competitive advantage from mastering leading technologies in the context of Industry 4.0 development, focusing on Biotechnology and Information Technology with core lines of Products and Services developed by our R&D unit.



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